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Thomas Beerman i
Thomas Beerman

A recognized expert in mobility, car sharing and car hire. In 2013-2018 he was Managing Director of car2go Europe GmbH that provides cars rental, including electric vehicles, and operates in 26 markets. Thomas was responsible for 15 of them. Earlier, for 15 years, he’d worked for Europcar, the largest European car rental company, and held positions ranging from an account manager to director of strategy and business development.

Mobility expert, Car2go Europe, Europcar
Paul Zhu i
Paul Zhu

Mobike is the largest bike rental mobile application in the world. The company officially launched its service in Shanghai in April 2016, and in just over two years, has expanded the service to over 200 cities in 19 countries globally. Paul Zhu is responsible for business development in Europe and Latin America. Before joining Mobike, he worked at McKinsey&Company in Shanghai and London. MBA program graduate from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Regional GM of Europe and Latam, Mobike
Philip Huffmann i
Philip Huffmann

Helpling is the leading online platform for on-demand home services outside the U.S. that was founded in January 2014. Customers can book a vetted and insured cleaner on the website or via app. The project operates in Germany, France, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands. Philip is responsible for product, IT and operations management. He holds a double-degree in European Business from his studies in Munster and Madrid. Philip supports various startups as an angel investor.

Co-Founder, Helpling
Carlos Moyses i
Carlos Moyses

Food delivery service iFood is now represented by 85% mobile app sales, 3.5 million orders per month in Brazil and works in more than 100 cities in Latin America. In 2014, iFood, which received investments from Naspers, merged with Just Eat project, where Carlos developed the market in Brazil since 2012, and then served as CEO. In December 2014, Carlos joined iFood as head of financial services, and in January 2017, he became the company's CEO. Since then, iFood’s achieved impressive results and has become the leading food service in Latin America.

CEO, iFood
Rishi Vasudev i
Rishi Vasudev

Rishi started his career in fashion more than 18 years ago. In November 2014, Rishi became the Vice President of Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce marketplace with a registered customer base of over 100 million. Earlier, he worked with top fashion brands and held leadership positions in Calvin Klein, Louis Philippe, Van Heusen and Peter England.

Vice President for Fashion, Home and Furniture categories, Flipkart
Florian Jansen i
Florian Jansen

Lamoda is a retail platform and lifestyle goods online store. The project was launched in 2011. Today the unique monthly audience of Lamoda services is more than eleven million visitors; the marketplace sells products of almost 3 thousand different brands. The company has its own logistics provider with delivery in 150 cities of Russia. Before heading the company as CEO, Florian controlled the infrastructure investments and the transformation of Lamoda into a retail platform. Prior to Lamoda, Florian worked at McKinsey & Company. Since the foundation of the Lamoda, Florian lives in Russia with his family.

Co-founder and CEO, Lamoda Group
Boris Dobrodeev i
Boris Dobrodeev

CEO, Mail.Ru Group
Egor Rudi i
Egor Rudi

Egor Rudi is PROFI.RU Co-Founder and CEO, entrepreneur and business angel. In 2009, he founded the Eruditor Group in partnership with Sergey Kuznetsov. Eruditor Group united seven online projects, which allowed to find private professionals: tutors, maintenance men, coaches, artists, etc. In July 2014, the services were combined under an umbrella brand PROFI.RU. PROFI.RU receives 120 thousand orders every month. The company is represented by the umbrella brand in all Russian regions and in 49 regions of the largest CIS countries.

CEO and Co-Founder, PROFI.RU
Maxim Grishakov i
Maxim Grishakov

In June 2015, Maxim became Commercial Director of Yandex, in May 2017 he headed Yandex.Market, the leading Russian service for comparing characteristics and value of goods from different vendors. In April 2018, Sberbank and Yandex closed a deal to create a joint venture based on Yandex.Market, and in May announced the launch of Beru marketplace scheduled for the autumn. Maxim leads the team of the new marketplace, which is working on the product-line expansion and functionality of the service.

CEO, Yandex.Market
Alexander Shulgin i
Alexander Shulgin

Since the end of 2017, Alexander has been holding the post of CEO at Ozon Group of Companies that has been in the e-commerce market for 19 years. With the appointment of Alexander, Ozon began to actively strengthen its development team and demonstrated the highest growth rates in the company's modern history in the second quarter of 2018. Prior to joining Ozon.ru, Alexander had been working for Yandex for more than 6 years, where he was the financial director in 2010, and became operating director in 2014. Previously, for more than 10 years, he held financial positions at Coca-Cola, including, the position of Coca-Cola CFO in Russia.

CEO, Ozon GC
Ilya Ekushevsky i
Ilya Ekushevsky

Busfor is international marketplace for searching and purchasing bus tickets for intercity and international transportation. It was founded in 2012. Since then, the service has gained an audience of 1,5 million people, becoming the leader in the online bus market in a number of CIS and Eastern European countries. Since the beginning, the project has attracted $28 million in investment. Ilya is the winner of the EY “Entrepreneur of the Year - 2016” contest in the “Transport” category.

CEO and Co-Founder, Busfor
Aram Arakelyan i
Aram Arakelyan

Aram founded taxi booking service Citymobil in 2007. In April 2018, the company attracted investments from Mail.Ru Group and Megafon, after which Citimobil managed to expand its market share by more than 4 times as compared with the same period of the previous year, and took the second place among online taxi services in Moscow. In 2005-2007, Aram run projects at Termoros GC, and worked in the Federal Agency for Management of Special Economic Zones at Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

Co-Founder and CEO, Citymobil
Eugene Gapon i
Eugene Gapon

Qlean is the largest apartment cleaning service in Russia, IT-platform that connects customers and cleaners. The project was started in 2014. In the spring of 2015, Eugene joined the company as a freelancer, and then decided to become part of the team, being involved in operating activities and business processes optimization of the service. Before the Qlean project, Eugene managed web analytics department at Tinkoff Bank.

CEO and Co-Owner, QLean
Andrey Tsytsenko i
Andrey Tsytsenko

Andrey started his career in the restaurant business, and in 2013 he founded the ZakaZaka food delivery service. In 2017, he joined the Mail.ru Group, selling the ZakaZaka business. In November 2017, he together with his team launched the Pandao project, which allows ordering any goods directly from China. Currently Andrey runs the Delivery Club food business and the Pandao project.

CEO, Delivery Club and Pandao
Andrey Lukashevich i
Andrey Lukashevich

Andrey created and headed a venture arm of Mail.Ru Foodtech Ventures in 2018. In 2016–2018, he worked as CEO of the Delivery Club, the largest food delivery service, represented in 97 Russian cities. Earlier, he was a partner at Kei-Ei Consulting, an associate at Ward Howell International and an M&A consultant at PwC. Graduated from the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of Moscow State University and received an MBA degree from INSEAD Business School.

Director of Foodtech Ventures, Mail.Ru Group
Daniel Galper i
Daniel Galper

Grow Food subscription-based service for the delivery of healthy food began operating in October 2015. The company produces and delivers healthy food for Moscow and St. Petersburg residents. In 2017, Grow Food attracted investments of $ 5 million from the ADD Venture fund and became one of the most recognizable subscription-based delivery services in Russia. Prior to Grow Food, Daniel was involved in various projects, including service for the men's clothing and creation of a search engine for discount shopping.

Co-Founder and CEO, GrowFood
Vakhtang Akirtava i
Vakhtang Akirtava

Farfetch is online store of premium class clothes that was founded in 2008. Farfetch delivers clothes to 190 countries. In September 2018, an online retailer raised $885 million in an initial public offering. Vakhtang joined Farfetch as the Operations Director in Russia and the CIS countries in October 2017.Vakhtang is also a founder and CEO of NAME’s online store, selling more than 250 top brands.

Operations Director Russia and CIS, Farfetch
Andrey Kolesnik i
Andrey Kolesnik

Andrey is a regional entrepreneur and runs businesses in various industries. Together with CarTrek he stood at the origins of car sharing in Sochi. In 2018, he launched carsharing platform URentCar in this city. Today, the project works in four cities of southern Russia, with the fifth destination coming soon. To date, Andrey continues to develop transport projects in the regions of presence, he has launched a bicycle rental service and plans to launch rental of scooters. He believes in platform-wide solutions for the city mobility.

CEO, URentCar
Stanislav Ivanov i
Stanislav Ivanov

Mobike is an international bicycle rental service founded in Shanghai in 2016. Today the company is represented in 13 countries. Stanislav is responsible for expanding the company’s presence in European markets, with Russia and the CIS countries being the top priority today. Earlier, Stanislav worked at Rostelecom, The Boston Consulting Group and the Administration of St. Petersburg, where he was engaged in the development of bicycle infrastructure in the city.

Europe franchise director, Mobike
Ruslan Zaydullin i
Ruslan Zaydullin

Ruslan founded DOC+ service in the autumn of 2015. DOC+ provides services in the areas of telemedicine, house calls, storage and processing of personal medical data. In 2016, the project won RBC Startup of the Year award for introducing innovative model in the healthcare sector. Today via the app people can get an online consultation, call in a doctor or a nurse, buy medicine at the nearest pharmacy at a discount. The company employs about 300 doctors of various specialties and nurses. Prior to DOC+ launching, Ruslan worked in consulting (Roland Berger, The Boston Consulting Group) and participated in developing projects in various fields from metallurgy to telecom.

Co-Founder and CEO, DOC+
Maxim Bakhtin i
Maxim Bakhtin

Utkonos is online-hypermarket of food and related products, founded in 2000. For 18 years in e-commerce, the company has become the leader in its field. Maxim joined Utkonos in November 2017. Today its users can order more than 30,000 items online. Maxim had previously worked at The Boston Consulting Group for 10 years, where, among other things, he run a joint project with Utkonos.

CEO, Utkonos
Vladimir Holyaznikov i
Vladimir Holyaznikov

Foodza is a B2B food-distribution platform that connects farmers, food producers and importers directly with Retail and HoReCa businesses across CIS region. It was founded in the beginning of 2018. Foodza seeks to change the supply system of farmers 'products, removing all middlemen in the food supply industry, which should increase farmers’ income and ensure higher quality and freshness of products. Prior to the launch of Foodza, Vladimir served as Director General of KupiVIP online store of clothes.

Co-Founder, Foodza
Ilya Yelpanov i
Ilya Yelpanov

Ilya launched the online store of farm products Esh Derevenskoe, which allows customers to order products directly from manufacturers, in 2015. The project was started as a subscription model, and then was reorganized into a marketplace. In 2017–2018 the number of items in store reached one thousand. The company cooperates with more than 150 small suppliers who set the price for their goods themselves. Prior to launching his own project, Ilya was a supplier manager at Elementaree food designer. Graduated from the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy.

Founder and CEO, Esh Derevenskoe
Irina Kuznetsova i
Irina Kuznetsova

Irina, together with Andrey Migunov launched an e-commerce project of designer jewelry and accessories Poison Drop in 2013. Now Poison Drop has more than 4 thousand items from about 80 brands, including such famous world designers like Oscar de la Renta, Lanvin, Marni. Before launching her jewelry and accessories store, she was part of the Vogue Russia team. Graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute.

Сo-founder and Сo-owner, Poison Drop
Andrey Migunov i
Andrey Migunov

Andrey, together with Irina Kuznetsova launched an e-commerce project of designer jewelry and accessories Poison Drop in 2013. Now Poison Drop has more than 4 thousand items from about 80 brands, including such famous world designers like Oscar de la Renta, Lanvin, Marni. Earlier, Andrey held the posts of marketing director at SK Press publishing house and at Kosmos Zoloto company. He has graduate degree from Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK.

Сo-founder and CEO, Poison Drop
Loriana Sardar i
Loriana Sardar

BelkaCar is the largest car-sharing operator in Moscow, which began its work in 2016. Today, the company has more than 3 thousand economy and premium cars in its fleet, and its turnover is 1.5 billion rubles a year. Loriana is managing partner of BelkaCar and is responsible for funding, operations, security and IR. Before starting her own business, she managed projects at Vimpelcom, worked at an investment company and on charity projects.

Co-founder, BelkaCar
Ivan Khokhlov i
Ivan Khokhlov

Co-Founder and CEO, 12Storeez
Josh Constine i
Josh Constine

Editor-At-Large, TechCrunch
Maxim Medvedev i
Maxim Medvedev

Vladislav Noviy i
Vladislav Noviy

Deputy head of media and telecommunications, Kommersant
Mikhail Sokolov i
Mikhail Sokolov

CEO, OneTwoTrip
Liu Wei i
Liu Wei

CEO, AliExpress in Russia
Ivashentseva Elena i
Ivashentseva Elena

Senior Partner, Baring Vostok Capital Partners
Alexandr Frolov i
Alexandr Frolov

Founder and Managing Partner, Target Global
Alexey Milevskiy i
Alexey Milevskiy

Head of M&A department, Mail.Ru Group
Caio Sartorelo Franco i
Caio Sartorelo Franco

Head of Institutional Relations, Yellow
Alexander Ovanesov i
Alexander Ovanesov

Managing Partner, Arthur D.Little

Agenda 2018


Registration and welcome breakfast from Delivery Club


Opening remarks

City Mobility

New opportunities and business models for the growth of online services in the city: taxi aggregators, car sharing, ridesharing, public transport.


Future of Mobility

Alexander Ovanesov, Managing Partner, Arthur D.Little


City Mobility Global Panel


Josh Constine, Editor-At-Large, TechCrunch

Thomas Beerman, Mobility expert, Car2go Europe, Europcar

Paul Zhu, Regional GM of Europe and Latam, Mobike

Caio Sartorelo Franco, Head of Institutional Relations, Yellow


City Mobility Local Panel


Mikhail Sokolov, CEO, OneTwoTrip

Ilya Ekushevsky, CEO and Co-Founder, Busfor

Andrey Kolesnik, CEO, URentCar

Aram Arakelyan, Co-Founder and CEO, Citymobil

Stanislav Ivanov, Europe franchise director, Mobike

Loriana Sardar, Co-founder, BelkaCar

Services on demand

Developing specific offline services in a digital format: medicine, repair works, cleaning services, beauty, and education.


Home Services Market

Maxim Medvedev, MANAGING PARTNER, FOUNDER, AddVenture


The History of Helping

Philip Huffmann, Co-Founder, Helpling


The History of Qlean

Eugene Gapon, CEO and Co-Owner, QLean


Services on Demand Panel


Mikhail Sokolov, CEO, OneTwoTrip

Egor Rudi, CEO and Co-Founder, PROFI.RU

Eugene Gapon, CEO and Co-Owner, QLean

Ruslan Zaydullin, Co-Founder and CEO, DOC+

Food Tech

The development of various business models and niches: restaurant delivery, meal-kit subscription, grocery delivery, farmers startups, and B2B.


Food Tech Market

Andrey Lukashevich, Director of Foodtech Ventures, Mail.Ru Group


Food Delivery Leaders Panel


Josh Constine, Editor-At-Large, TechCrunch

Carlos Moyses, CEO, iFood

Andrey Tsytsenko, CEO, Delivery Club and Pandao


Food Tech in Russia


Irina Iozefson-Schneider, Vice President for E‑Commerce Growth Mail.Ru Group

Daniel Galper, Co-Founder and CEO, GrowFood

Maxim Bakhtin, CEO, Utkonos

Vladimir Holyaznikov, Co-Founder, Foodza

Ilya Yelpanov, Founder and CEO, Esh Derevenskoe

Shopping Online
and Fashion

The main drivers of the segment’s growth. The use of modern technology and operational challenges.


Shopping Online


Josh Constine, Editor-At-Large, TechCrunch

Rishi Vasudev, Vice President for Fashion, Home and Furniture categories, Flipkart

Florian Jansen, Co-founder and CEO, Lamoda Group

Liu Wei, CEO, AliExpress in Russia


Fashion e-commerce


Irina Iozefson-Schneider, Vice President for E‑Commerce Growth Mail.Ru Group

Vakhtang Akirtava, Operations Director Russia and CIS, Farfetch

Ivan Khokhlov, Co-Founder and CEO, 12Storeez

Irina Kuznetsova, Сo-founder and Сo-owner, Poison Drop


Transformation of large companies to compete with new market players. Points of growth, new directions and challenges.



Vladislav Noviy, Deputy head of media and telecommunications, Kommersant

Boris Dobrodeev, CEO, Mail.Ru Group

Alexander Shulgin, CEO, Ozon GC

Maxim Grishakov, CEO, Yandex.Market

Investment in e‑commerce

Industry of developing e-commerce, speed of development with a high cost for error. How not to make mistakes choosing a business model, team, and market.



Alexey Milevskiy, Head of M&A department, Mail.Ru Group

Ivashentseva Elena, Senior Partner, Baring Vostok Capital Partners

Alexandr Frolov, Founder and Managing Partner, Target Global

Maxim Medvedev, MANAGING PARTNER, FOUNDER, AddVenture


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